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Guidelines for Writers Submitting Articles

Adventist Today reports on contemporary issues of importance to Adventist church members.
Following basic principles of ethics and canons of journalism, this publication strives for fairness, candor, and good taste. We publish four times a year: Jan/Mar, Apr/Jun, Jul/Sep, Oct/Dec.

Adventist Today Guiding Principles
  1. Because its focus is on a particular community of Christian faith — the Seventh-day Adventist faith tradition — Adventist Today seeks always to build the Kingdom of God and to feature the best elements of Adventist Christianity. It also will raise questions when elements of Adventist Christianity arise that detract from, or distract its members from the Kingdom of God. We believe that it is important to note, however, that honorable and sincere Adventist Christians may not always completely agree as to what defines those best or distracting elements.
  2. Adventist Today is not a 'house organ' which is what some readers call publications such as those published by the denomination. Adventist Today is not required to advance any particular theological point of view or endorse any specific organizational policy in the magazine, in the weekly AT Update, or on our web site. Adventist Today is an independent voice not beholden to any ecclesiastical, corporate or institutional sponsor.
  3. What is published in Adventist Today or posted or emailed on behalf of Adventist Today may or may not reflect the personal views of those responsible for the various functions that make Adventist Today possible. The views expressed by Adventist Today personnel represent a wide spectrum of convictions related to both theological and church administrative issues. All members of the Adventist Today family of editors and administrative personnel respect the freedom of colleagues to share their diverse opinions and are pleased that Adventist Today is understood to be a place where ideas can be safely shared.
  4. Adventist Today administrative and editorial team affirms that its intention is to publish or post only that which represents our efforts to reach the highest standards of journalistic excellence and integrity.

Your submission should reflect the guiding principles above. It should be between 1,500 and 2,500 words. Unsolicited manuscripts will be acknowledged upon receipt but you will only hear from the editor if he accepts your submission (the editor is a volunteer and his time is very limited). If you send a query email the editor will respond.

We print a limited number of book, cd, dvd, and movie reviews. It is best to submit a query first. Book reviews should not be longer than 500 words.

Manuscripts should be submitted in Word or WordPerfect directly to the editor through his email account–adventisttoday1966@gmail.org

Whenever you refer to sources (books, articles, etc.), be certain that you include an endnote (not a footnote) with full reference. Use Arabic numbers (1, 2, 3), not Roman numerals (i, ii, iii).

Submit the manuscript in the following manner:
Include a cover sheet with the following information: name, title of manuscript, your current position, full address, telephone number(s), e-mail address, and other relevant information such as which version of the Bible you are quoting, if applicable.

Include the cover sheet with the manuscript. The manuscript should have only the title of the manuscript (do not include your name) and should be double-spaced with page numbers on each page.

We only accept original manuscripts and do not accept simultaneous submissions. You will be required to sign a statement stating that this is your original work and has not been copied from some other author and that any material not your own is correctly referenced.

We buy only first serial rights (which means you are free to submit your manuscript elsewhere once Adventist Today has published it).

We pay ten cents a word (based on edited copy) upon publication.
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