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J. David Newman has one great passion in life—to help people see and experience God’s unconditional love. When the Scribe questioned Jesus about which commandment (doctrine) was most important Jesus stressed that far above doctrine is relationship—how we love God and each other.

Facts are important but without a living connection with Jesus they are of no eternal consequence.

I grew up in a home where doctrine and behavior were predominant. I was born of Adventist missionary parents in Africa and educated on three continents. I have served as pastor, conference departmental director, conference secretary, editor, college administrator, professor, and now pastor again. I pastor New Hope Adventist church a dynamic and rapidly growing church filled with the love of Jesus.

As editor of Adventist Today for the past two years I yearn to see all the “wings” of the church talking with each other and learning from each other. And above all, practicing the respect and love that Jesus said would identify his disciples” “By this will everyone know who my disciples are by how you love one another” (John 13:34-35).

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