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Ed may be contacted at edwin.a.schwisow@atoday.com with queries, comments and reviews to be published.

Ed Schwisow (pronounced SWEE-zoh), 58, is a professional writer and editor, author of several books, who has played keyboard, accordion, and guitar in folk, popular, and religious musical groups, some of which went on to commercial success in Europe and the U.S.

Ed has a personal library of about 10,000 books, "both fiction and non-fiction, a lot of them having to do with the arts, science, faith, culture, psychology, anthropology, and fictional plots related to these disciplines." He and his wife, Cherie, are the proud owners of a Steinway piano, similar to the one John Lennon used to compose his solo work.

Ed spent his youth in Bolivia, South America, where his father was a physician/administrator at a church-operated hospital and Ed learned Spanish and developed a love for Hispanic music, as a listener as well as a performer. He still travels widely, but writes and edits in both Spanish and English, primarily in Oregon, at his home office in the Greater Portland area. He also serves on contract as executive director of development with Adventist Today Foundation.

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