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Assistant News Editor: Jeff Boyd
Jeff Boyd has participated in a number of ministries, from teaching Sabbath School in his local congregation to working at the Center for Youth Evangelism at Andrews University, where he led WeCare Missions and Church of Refuge. He also spent three years teaching English and Bible in South Korea. Jeff has written for the American Red Cross, the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice (Ann Arbor, Michigan), and for a number of blogs and publications, including Adventist Activism. He is the Research Coordinator at Tiny Hands International, a Christian organization fighting human trafficking in Nepal. Jeff has an MBA from Andrews University, and an MA in Peace Studies from the Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana. He is a Union College alum with undergraduate degrees in Religion and Psychology. Jeff lives in Flint, MI, with his wife, Charissa.

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News reported on Atoday is from a team of reporters, coordinated by Monte Sahlin & Ed Schwisow. We are actively looking for and recruiting at-home reporters from various regions of North America and other countries around the world. If you have news tips or stories you would like to see linked to these pages, send info to atoday@atoday.org. Send us your tips on church happenings, struggles and triumphs and we'll post all meaningful reports with interest to the greater Adventist body. 
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