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Is the Pope's Brother an Adventist?
Submitted: Jul 25, 2013
By AT News Team

A former Adventist pastor with roots in Argentina says the recently elected Pope Francis I, who was a Roman Catholic Archbishop in Argentina, has told confidants that he wishes to punish the Adventist Church because the pontiff's older brother was a long-time member of that denomination.

Hugo R. Gambetta, once an ordained minister in the Adventist Church who lost his credentials in 2005 amidst allegations of financial improprieties, appears in a widely circulated 17-minute video in which he says that Francis I has sworn to give top priority to implementing an international Sunday law, in retaliation against the denomination that stole his brother away from the Catholic faith. Gambetta does not give the first name of the brother, nor does he provide any dates, locations, or circumstances under which such a conversion might have taken place.

The video program came to the attention of Adventist Today when a pastor in the United States asked for help in determining if the allegation had any validity. Adventist Today has determined that the story has no foundation in fact, and this assessment has been confirmed by sources at the General Conference and in South America.

Gambetta has shown great ability through the years to rouse Adventists to support his independent ministry, often using dire predictions of imminent end-time catastrophes. He has predicted crises for Adventists in particular.

The account given by Gambetta in the video is presented in Spanish from a pulpit, as Gambetta appears nattily dressed, and in somber, sensationalist tones describes the great hatred Francis I feels toward the Adventist Church because of the conversion of the pontiff's brother. No documentation or supporting witnesses are supplied.

Gambetta operates an independent ministry based in Glendale, California, where Adventist Today has learned he draws followers from among the many Spanish-speaking Adventists in California. He also appears on at least one television station in Central America and is well known to Adventists in the region.

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Aecio Cairus
2013-07-25 11:49 PM

I understand that a search in the database of church members inside the territory of the Argentina Union has found no matches for any Bergoglio surname.  Mr. Gambetta's video repeatedly speaks of the surname of the pope as "Borgoglio", which is incorrect. 

André Reis
2013-07-25 11:55 PM

The segment is part of an hour long sermon given on June 8 2013 at a Spanish speaking SDA Church in Perth Amboy, NJ.

It can be seen in full here


Mary No Longer Contrary
2013-07-26 1:52 PM

The former SDA preacher Hugo Gambetta claims Pope Francis called Ellen White a witch and vowed revenge upon the SDA church for converting his older brother and one of his first commitments as pope is to bring a Sunday law upon the world. Absolutely ridiculous stuff.  The pope has no surviving brothers and he was the eldest of the Bergoglio siblings! Too bad the man has an SDA pulpit and audience to spread such misinformation. Just brings further sad division among the people of God in all churches.

Bob Pickle
2013-07-27 9:10 AM

The pope's parents are said to have married in December 1935, with the pope being born in December 1936. Gambetta said that the pope's brother is much older, with the same father and mother. Something doesn't sound right.

Dean Carlisle
2013-07-28 11:18 PM

I can't believe Adventist Today even ran this story.  Republishing other people's unsubstantiated claims is not good journalism. Not to mention that it came from Gambetta, a defrocked leader who has often resorted to sensationalism to gather crowds.  I think by running the story it only gives attention to someone who is looking for it in the wrong way. 

2013-07-29 12:52 PM

I've actually had several people ask me if its true in the last few days. I was glad to have this and other sources readily available so I could explain the situation to them.

Edwin A. Schwisow
2013-07-30 12:56 AM

The Adventist culture has a strong tradition of jumping the gun in announcing the fulfillment of great prophecies. This tradition is alive today, and in this case was employed by Mr. Gambetta to expedite the delivery of his sectarian message. Mr. Gambetta may have earnestly believed his own account; he may have convinced himself that it was true. Regardless, such a pronouncement seems to deserve a "snoping out" and  for various reasons Adventist Today is in an excellent and credible position to offer this service, within its financial and personnel resources. How wonderful if AT received an endowment of even greater resources to carry on an expanded ministry of truth-validation. There is also the other side of the coin, minorities whose point of view may be highly valid, but whose message has been sealed away, out of the mainstream, for various reasons.  Especially today when strong efforts are being made to bring a stricter uniformity to the Adventist faith, I think voices such as AT's have an increasingly valid role to play in scoping out or "snoping out" the truth, wherever it may lie....


Ella M
2013-07-28 11:55 PM

     Apparently there are a number of people who believe this and we need an Adventist snopes.com
It would seem church publications should be warning members about these scammers.

Bob Pickle
2013-07-30 7:09 AM

The following gives the marriage as being on Dec. 12, 1935, and his birth on Dec. 17, 1936.


2013-08-17 2:28 PM

Gambetta just like his fellow jesuit infiltrators is just trying to instil fear in those adventists who are not well informed and well studied and he is just complementing the efforts of the assault that has been waged on the great controversy after the publishing of the great hope just like the attack on the kjv by such publications as  the niv which are all efforts of the devil through catholicism, to deny the masses true Biblical knowledge especially for those of us who are totally/wholly dependent on pastors,reverends,bishops(Rmns 16v17-18 and Phl 3v19)  etc to explain these things to us and not the holy spirit(Jhn 15v26-27,16v13-14 and 17v17) to teach us that which is past,present and future... especially that which is past as it has a very serious effect on where we are headed into (2 Thss 2v1-17) , that which you wont find in the great hope for example the reformation, the dark ages etc. if we as adventists read/studied (1 Tim 2v15)  enough we would not be so shortsighted in seeing the Gambettas of this world for what they are (Phl 3v18). we have the BIBLE(for our creed) and the S.O.P.( that we may not be deceived), for the things that he speaks about about the new pope Rev 17v11, so i ask, of what relevance are his revelations/utterances if they are already in the BIBLE and S.O.P. e.g. the Great Controversy??.... to instil fear and a state of panic to those that are  not well acquainted with afore mentioned, because ( Prv29v25, but Ps 111v10 and what is that wisdom Dan 12v 10 andd also Prv 3v25-26)  we need to wake up from our spiritual slumber and start studying like never before Lk 21v34 and  1Ths 5v17. for we know that John 16v33.... Peace be still (Mk 4v39)


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