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Well-known Evangelist Mark Finley Diagnosed with Pre-Cancerous Condition
Submitted: Jun 12, 2013
By Adventist Today News Team

Late Wednesday (June 12) Pastor Dan Jackson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America, released a statement concerning the health of Pastor Mark Finley, one of the most widely known evangelists in the denomination. Finley retired as a vice president of the General Conference (GC) in 2010 and is currently assisting Pastor Ted Wilson, president of the GC, with an evangelism campaign in New York City.
Finley is facing a health challenge which necessitated extensive testing, said Dr. Peter Landless, a physician and health ministries director for the GC, in the statement. "He has a condition which could be termed pre-myeloma. The small number of abnormal cells in the bone marrow produces a protein (immunoglobulin). We are thankful to report that the bone marrow, otherwise, is functioning well. This condition is known as MGUS (monoclonal gammopathy of uncertain significance), and often remains static with no further progression."
The statement said that Finley and his wife, Teenie, "are of good courage, and their hearts’ desire is that God be glorified in and through every circumstance of their lives." Dr. Landless also stated that he has advised Finley to "cut down his activities, take appropriate time for rest, and limit his travel commitments."
"We request that you lift Mark, Teenie and their family up in your prayers, not only on the issue of his health, but also as they mourn the passing of Elder Finley’s father," Jackson said. "As a courtesy and consideration to their privacy, please direct emails of support and condolence to Elder Finley’s assistant, Joy Alexander. She can be reached at alexanderj@gc.adventist.org ."

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mawabo nkewana
2013-06-14 8:28 AM

This too shall pass ...you hang in there and God has plans for you.

2013-06-14 11:49 AM

Pastor Finley was inspirational in God's reaching out to me when I had turned away from him and the Church and heading down the wrong path. I remember I got invited to I think it was Net 99 series and I stood outside the worship tent and he was on the satelite feed on the screen and watched him for the first time, never knew who he was but I was compeled to listen. He broght the message to me in such a way I never heard before and although I knew a lot of the Bible "facts" knowing Christ was a different thing alltogether and from his ministry I started attending Church and studying my Bible for myself.

My prayers go out to him and his family and I know God will take care of His people.

God bless.

Frank Allen
2013-06-18 1:39 PM

"MGUS...often remains static with no further progression." If this is true, why make the announcment about Elder Finley at all? Why is Finley issued a public statement, when 1000's of other retired ministers/teachers often face health challenges with no public attention? Have we arrived at the place where high SDA public leaders are given speical attention as in the political and entertaiment world? 

Edwin A. Schwisow
2013-06-20 1:40 AM

In weeks leading up to the news release regarding Elder Finley's health, rumor was attributing all kinds of prognoses to a thin broth of speculation that had leaked regarding his health. In cases where the health or status of a very public person becomes a subject of strong and often misguided discussion, it makes sense for the individual and his family to make a public statement, often in concert with cooperative colleagues with standing in the media. The release regarding Elder Finley's health is undoubtedly only a "part of the story" of his comprehensive health picture, but contains enough information to persuasively rule out rumors that he is entirely well (on the one hand) or on the verge of death (on the other). The release was prudent and useful, and well timed strategically in conjunction with Father's Day....

Frank Allen
2013-06-20 11:24 AM

RE: Edwin,

I still do not understand. Why cannot Elder Finley, whom I respect, release his own medical information on a personal site, like the rest of the thousands of retired pastors/teachers who may be subject to health rumors? Although leadership is a gift of the Spirit, sadly, in the church, it carries a super star status with special benefits (perks) and constant praise. This is something Jesus warned against, “If anyone wants to be first, he must make himself last of all and servant of all.”

2013-09-26 11:57 PM

Mr Frank Allen this letter comes three months too late. I just wanted to let you know how sad your mail was. Pastor Mark Finley does not have celebrity status, he is an assistant to our president he is an evangelist who is traveling round the world teaching like very few do. The fact that he is better known than you because of the talents God has given him, He gives some more some less. Now, just going underground and not saying anything will just encourage rumors. People will speculate with no news. Therefore I found it appropriate for him to give this information. It is sad that you just saw something to criticisize how about the Christian goodwill wishes of speedy recovery and conforting words for a dear lost father? 

Elaine Nelson
2013-09-27 2:05 PM

The Adventist Rumor Mill is faster than a speed bullet.

2014-04-26 7:56 PM

I understand Mark Finley and David Asscherick are in positive opinion for womens ordination. They should know better then anybody you never disect Gods word. It is not for anybodys private interpretation. God has proclaimed it and so has the lady, Ellen G. White S.O.P.

2014-04-29 6:02 AM

The Bible and the SOP are clear on this matter, I am so glad that EGW was a women for if a man spoke her woulds he would be labeled a misogynist for sure.

I had written a email to David about his supposed remarks and he said:

"Thank you for your concern. Light Bearers has no affiliation with or support of Spectrum. Actually, I loathe Spectrum.
I stand in full support of both the Bible's and SOP's perspective on women in ministry. As I said in the interview, "I am open to any and all biblical evidence." My commitment to the Seventh-day message and church is stronger than ever. I hope yours is too!"


Elaine Nelson
2014-04-27 1:32 PM

The announcement was made over a year ago!  Is there nothing new about his "pre-cancerous condition"?
How old is he?  This is not too uncommon as we get older, but if he is living now, it must still be in "

pre-cancerous condition, unless someone can report otherwise.


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