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Historically Black University Ranked Highest for Science by Ebony Magazine is Oakwood
Submitted: Aug 28, 2012
By AT News Team

The September issue of Ebony, the largest-circulation news magazine published for the African American community in the United States will publish five lists of the top Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the country. Oakwood University, the Seventh-day Adventist-affiliated institution in Huntsville, Alabama, ranks number one on the list of top science programs.
The other top black educational institutions in the country, according to Ebony, are Alabama State University in the liberal arts and Alcorn State University in the social sciences. Two professional schools at historically black institutions are also included in the listings, the business school at Morehouse College and the law school at Southern University and A&M College. Melody Thuston released this information on behalf of the publisher, Johnson Publishing Company.
Tim Allston, public relations director at Oakwood, has told Adventist Today that this is not a total surprise since the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education published a news article earlier this summer which placed Oakwood with the fifth largest number of graduates of historically black colleges who have applied to medical school this year.
Oakwood had more than 40 seniors from the class of 2012 who have applied to medical schools. The largest number among the historically black institutions is 87 at Howard University in Washington DC. Xavier University in New Orleans had 68, Spelman College had 57 and Hampton University ranked in the same range as Oakwood.

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Ella M
2012-08-31 9:38 PM

    This is wonderful news for the school and the church.  What comes to mind with this kind of recognition--do they teach evolution as a fact?  If not, it's interesting that a secular magazine would choose Oakwood's science program over competing secular colleges. Wouldn't this tell us that a college can excell without teaching evolution as a fact?
    It would also seem to follow that their science program would be the best among the denomination's colleges.

Rosalie van Putten
2013-06-10 11:23 PM

Correction to your statement, Ella M.  Oakwood is highest among historically black colleges and universities.  The article did NOT state that it was the best among the denomination's colleges.  In fact, it does not make any mention of denominational rank.  Just want to make it plain.

I am proud of the work that Oakwood U. is doing and applaud its ranking among HBCU schools.  We are to be the head. 


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