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May Headlines

Moral Teachings of the Adventist Church Guide Hollywood Actress-Producer Couple

Weekend Feature: Farming is not Dead Among American Adventists, Just Radically Changed

Adventist Company Trying to Protect its Trademark on “Granola” in Australia

Desmond Doss Story to be Made into a Major Hollywood Movie

Denominational Leaders in Europe say “Business as Usual is Not an Option”

Weekend Feature: Winners Announced for 2012 Adventist Film Festival

Adventist Church Joins Efforts against Corruption and Graft in Malawi

Foreign Minister of Canada is Speaker for Annual Religious Liberty Dinner in Washington

AT Editor Answers Questions about Adventist Faith for Rachel Held Evans

Police Raid the Adventist Church in Gyanja, Azerbaijan

Weekend Feature: Revival at Oakwood University is Traditional and Contemporary

Accusations Heard against Adventist Serving as Judge on Kenya’s Appeals Court

Adventist Church Organizes Inter-faith Event in the Nation with the Largest Muslim Population

East Coast Union Also Convenes a Constituency Meeting to Vote Ordination for Women Pastors

Official News Release of the Columbia Union Conference

Should These Men Go To Jail Because of a Church Name?

New Ellen White Compilation on Urban Ministry Published

Weekend Feature: Activist Dreams of Tangible Help for Tanzania

Dismissal of Board Members at La Sierra University Reported by Riverside Newspaper

Adventist Leader in Nigeria Says Christian Council is Too Confrontational with Muslims

Noted Adventist Physician Challenged at Emory University on His Belief in Creation

Pacific Union Conference Calls Constituency Session to Vote Ordination for Women Pastors

Southern California Conference Votes to Ordain Women in Pastoral Ministry

Adventist Pastor Reportedly Convicted of Rape in Zimbabwe

Pastors in England Discuss Postmodern Outreach to the Ethnic Majority Population

Loma Linda University Church is Using the Internet to Extend Its Outreach around the Globe

Census of Religion Shows Growing Nondenominational, Non-Christian Segments in the U.S.

Police Bring Murder Charges in the Death of a Retired Oakwood Professor

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