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March Headlines

Oakwood University Wins USCAA National Men’s Basketball Championship

Adventist Leaders Speak Out About the Killing of Trayvon Martin

Yet Another Conference Votes to Support the Ordination of Women Clergy

Adventist Health Institutions Consider Future Impact of Possible Supreme Court Decision

WikiLeaks and the Spirit of Prophecy: Who is SDAnonymous?

Another Denominational Governing Committee Supports Ordination for Women Pastors

Pastor Forgives Man Who Vandalized Adventist Church in Augusta, Georgia

Native American Tribal Chairman, Intertribal President and Adventist Elder

Pacific Union Conference Reaffirms Commitment to Ordination for Women Pastors

Another Union Conference Votes to Urge the Regular Ordination of Women Clergy

Adventist Churches, Government Leaders Pray for Peace on Ghana’s 55th Independence Day

Will Adventist Company Rescue New Zealand from “Marmigeddon” Crisis?

Blessing and Being Blessed: Mission Trip Helps Develop Organic Farming in Jamaica

National Protest by Churches against Foreclosures is Led by Adventist Pastor

Avondale College Scientist Honored for Environmental Action

General Conference President in Rwanda, Kenya and Zambia

Weekend Feature: Devon Franklin is an Adventist and Powerful in Hollywood

Adventist Educator, Administrator Charles Dart is Dead

Mid-America Union Conference Votes to Support Ordination of Women

Adventist Volunteers Respond to Midwest Tornadoes

How the Internet is Changing Adventist Congregations

Science Journal Publishes Articles about Adventist Higher Education

Weekend Feature: Adventist Young Adult Trying to Make a Country Music Career in Nashville

Teen Indicted for Murder of His Teacher in an Adventist School in Memphis

Atlantic Union College to be Location of Non-Accredited Training School

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