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Netherlands Adventists Respond to Plane Shot Down in Ukraine
The Netherlands Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination has released a public statement deploring the incident in which a Malaysian Airlines passenger flight was shot down over Ukraine last week. It expressed condolences and solidarity with the many Dutch families touched by this tragedy....
Retired Adventist GC Officer Speaks Out Against Corruption in Ghana
Dr. Matthew Bediako, who served as executive secretary of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church until his retirement in 2010, expressed concern about corruption in Ghana where he spoke on July 10 for the graduation ceremonies at Valley View University. Bediako called on the Ghanaian government to push ahead with investigations that have already been authorized. He asked why, after establishing several parliamentary committees to investigate corruption, no one has been prosecuted. He also asked why individuals who have committed financial misconduct are either promoted or transferred....
First Woman Appointed Adventist Seminary Dean: Exclusive Interview
The Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University (AU) made history when Dr. Teresa Reeve, a New Testament scholar, was appointed associate dean recently. It was not surprising to those who know Reeve and the situation on campus. Adventist Today is pleased to be the first news publication to have a full-length interview with her....
Batchelor Evangelism in China Teamed with an Ordained Woman Pastor
Pastor Doug Batchelor, senior pastor at the Sacramento Central Seventh-day Adventist Church and director of the Amazing Facts media ministry, preached for an evangelism campaign in China in May. He called it a "miraculous" event in a May 27 letter to supporters in the United States. He stated that it was the first time a public religious preaching series has been presented by someone from outside the country since 1958. To add to the "miraculous" character of this event, Pastor Xiaomei Hong, the senior Adventist minister in Wuxi who worked with Batchelor in this campaign is an ordained minister and a woman. This is not remarkable in China, where Seventh-day Adventists have been ordaining women to the gospel ministry since the 1980s. It is surprising that Batchelor teamed with women clergy because he has taken a position against extending ordination to women....


Rediscovering Agape Love: Why the Reformation Is Not Over - Michael Peabody
This article is based on the author’s panel presentation at the Pepperdine University School of Law Conference on Love and Law, February 2014.  Many confuse the concept of agape love with the concept of caritas, or charity, but these are two separate ideas. The concept of agape love is the love of God reaching down to save humanity through grace, while caritas is about humans reaching upward toward God through works....
A Plea for Compassion - Ernesto Espinoza
I am a 4th-generation Adventist – well, not anymore. I am no longer a member of the Adventist Church, nor am I in any way affiliated with the Church or SDA-Kinship or other Adventist organizations. I do, however, still have family and friends in the Adventist church. Some of them are hiding in plain sight and suffering in plain sight. On behalf of those the church forgot and ignores, I am writing today....
Just Following Orders - Mark Gutman
We often find it easy to let authorities and others tell us what to do and what to think. Much of what we believe we believe because someone else told us. We don’t have time to learn everything firsthand. We also don’t have time to think through everything we learn secondhand. But we can become too dependent on others’ thinking. Many a harmful financial or medical or religious decision has been made because of deciding to accept what someone else asserted or demanded or pleaded....
Pastors, Sheiks & Harems - Danny Bell
What do male Pastors and Sheiks have in common? You may be surprised - it’s a lot more than we realize. Apart from the fact that Pastors and Sheiks are responsible for a large group of women, there are other similarities that are interesting. The Harem (haram) - a Middle Eastern style of household governance - may work for Sheiks but parallels with the church are uncanny and can serve as a model of what not to do if we want healthy churches and growth. Let’s begin, shall we?...
The Great Sabbath Paradox - Tom Hughes
The Sabbath is a great paradox that is rarely talked about or understood. How could we have missed the Great Sabbath Paradox? What is it? Simply put, simply stated, it is this: Even though Seventh-day Adventists exhort the entire world to “keep the Sabbath holy,” no Seventh-day Adventist has ever kept even one Sabbath holy himself. I can hear minds whirring, and saying, “What are you talking about?”...
The Heat Is on in San Antonio for 2015 - Edwin A. Schwisow
The General Conference Session (July 2-12, 2015) is fast lining up as a case study in climate change within the Adventist Church. Internal heat is on and tides are rising. Members right, left, and center share an unprecedented level of concern regarding the Church’s future and are mystified by the strange and idiosyncratic responses by Church administrators to a number of concerns (decisions chronicled and thoughtfully analyzed by Adventist Today)....

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2014-07-24 9:47 AM

Jesus told us that we would know people by their works.  When I see someone like Ernesto giving shelter, comfort and hope to those whom society has been attacking, that is God's love in action.  That is ministry where it counts and when...

2014-07-24 9:23 AM

My prayers and the prayers of all Australians are with all the families that have been affected by this.  However, Netherlands was hit hardest (we Australians made up the second largest contingent of lives lost), and everyone is pretty angry and...

2014-07-24 9:21 AM

Very Interesting Jim.  I am just wondering Jim what your thoughts are on the fastest possible movement of the world land masses starting with Pangea to where we are Today?

2014-07-24 7:52 AM

I remember this study and remember thinking that it was not explained properly and was an attempt at propaganda to squash fears of how bad a state the church is. I find leadership always doing this in my country and elsewhere - when bad news comes in...

2014-07-24 6:42 AM

RE: “Since the Bible endorses slavery, I believe that those people who are trying to free the slaves are fighting God’s will." (Dr Taylor) ----- In this statement, is Dr.  Taylor then saying that the Bible is God's...

2014-07-24 3:16 AM

Dear Dr. Taylor, which God do you thank sir - the God of the Bible?

GENESIS commented on Indescribable
2014-07-23 8:43 PM

God bless you too.

2014-07-23 2:00 PM

Ray, Yes, yes. All has been forgiven. Approach the throne of God with thanksgiving and praise, with boldness, proclaim to all, your salvation draweth nigh.   

2014-07-22 9:03 AM

That idea does stretch the boundaries of our conceptual boxes about what the church should be.  Please keep in mind that it is the power of God that gives us victory over addiction but not all victories come quickly.  So, if the addict is...

2014-07-22 5:02 AM

So far several people have asked for my notes for various purposes.  Most will get them.  When and if I feel they are ready I will probably post them to my own blog.  But thanks for your generous offer 8-).



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Teresa Reeve, Associate Professor of New Testament at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University, was recently appointed as the Associate Dean of the seminary. She is the first woman to hold a position of leadership at this level at the seminary, which is a General Conference-operated institution. Jeff Boyd interviewed Dr. Reeve for Adventist Today.
WSMC Collects and Repairs 100 Instruments for Children
Southern Adventist University's magazine, Columns, recently reported on an instrument drive their radio station was doing, to donate instruments for children who would like to learn to play but can't afford them. Debbonnaire Kovacs spoke with WSMC's general manager, Scott Kornblum, to learn more....


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