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Adventist Health System to Close Hospital in Atlanta Area
The Emory-Adventist Hospital in the Atlanta, Georgia, suburb of Smyrna will close by the end of October, according to a bulletin distributed by the Associated Press (AP). Hospital CEO Dennis Kiley told the AP the closure will not mean any immediate changes for patients and administrators will make every effort to help employees find new jobs....
Adventist Denomination Appoints VP for Media in North America
Pastor Gordon Pifher, director of stewardship, leadership development and creative ministries for the Seventh-day Adventist denomination in the North Pacific, has been appointed vice president for media of the denomination in North America. In this new role he will be the officer primarily responsible for developing and implementing a media ministry strategy for all of the denomination’s media ministries across the United States, Canada, Bermuda, Guam, and Micronesia....
A Third Adventist Murdered in Belize: Church School Teacher
Friday morning Stephen Michaels Jr., a 28-year-old teacher at the Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist School in Belize City, was found dead in his bed at home by neighbors. He was bleeding from the mouth and nose and the front door to his house was ajar, reported Channel 7 television news. His father, who lives next door, told television Channel 5 reporters that several items had been stolen; the teacher’s laptop, wallet and cell phone....
Reformed Adventist Movement Responds to German Union Conferences
Most Adventists are simply not aware of the fact that there are a few, small Sabbath-keeping Adventist denominations besides the Seventh-day Adventist Church with headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. One of the largest of these small movements that have felt the need to leave the larger denomination at some point is the International Missionary Society Seventh-day Adventist Church Reform Movement. It was first organized in Europe during World War I over issues related to the traditional Adventist stand against participating in the military....
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What Kind of Seventh-day Adventist Are You? - Ervin Taylor
The recent cover story of the Adventist Review, titled “What Do You Mean: Seventh-day Adventist?” by Lee Roy Holmes, is very concerned that Adventists in the North American Division (NAD) “think and speak of each other as either 'liberal' or 'conservative.'"  His take on the Adventist left is that it represents an “insipid liberalism.” Holmes’ take on the Adventist right is that it presents a “harsh legalism.”...
Homosexuality in the Church (Part 2) - Thomas Harold
If you believe in separation of church and state, then there is no place for the church discussing publicly the LGBTQ stance in the eyes of civil law.  Those who believe in an alternative sexual lifestyle have every right to live as they please in perfect freedom without being censured and suffering persecution, as the constitutions of every civilized government owe them that much. In the church, however, the role and place of LGBTQ is an entirely different matter....
7-Point Statement of the Seventh-day Adventist Reform Movement
During the Symposium on "The Impact of World War I on Seventh-day Adventism" held at Friedensau Adventist University, an official copy of a "Statement of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Germany regarding the centennial anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War," which had been issued and published by Seventh-day Adventist German Unions, was translated into English, read publicly, and given to the Reform Movement representatives....
Rediscovering Agape Love: Why the Reformation Is Not Over - Michael Peabody
This article is based on the author’s panel presentation at the Pepperdine University School of Law Conference on Love and Law, February 2014.  Many confuse the concept of agape love with the concept of caritas, or charity, but these are two separate ideas. The concept of agape love is the love of God reaching down to save humanity through grace, while caritas is about humans reaching upward toward God through works....
A Plea for Compassion - Ernesto Espinoza
I am a 4th-generation Adventist – well, not anymore. I am no longer a member of the Adventist Church, nor am I in any way affiliated with the Church or SDA-Kinship or other Adventist organizations. I do, however, still have family and friends in the Adventist church. Some of them are hiding in plain sight and suffering in plain sight. On behalf of those the church forgot and ignores, I am writing today....
Just Following Orders - Mark Gutman
We often find it easy to let authorities and others tell us what to do and what to think. Much of what we believe we believe because someone else told us. We don’t have time to learn everything firsthand. We also don’t have time to think through everything we learn secondhand. But we can become too dependent on others’ thinking. Many a harmful financial or medical or religious decision has been made because of deciding to accept what someone else asserted or demanded or pleaded....

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2014-07-31 9:38 PM

Does anyone (besides me) wonder why Dr. Taylor has a penchant for saying things that are factually incorrect with such conviction?   Upon exactly what is Dr. Taylor’s assertion that the Protestant reformers were wrong based? Will Dr....

2014-07-31 12:19 PM

I do not believe that Adventists by nature lack empathy and humane perspective. In fact, I think we have come a long way in that department since the 1950s, when at least in smaller churches, the congregations were held in some isolation from the...

2014-07-31 11:13 AM

It's difficult to see how the church can prosper with such wide-spread antagonism, much of it perpetuated by the official church publications.

2014-07-31 9:14 AM

Praise God!  It is wonderful to hear of God's love and power and a life that has been changed by Him.

2014-07-31 9:03 AM

The LAST thing we need is another salary at the top levels of church leadership where the mindset is to keep pursuing the same approaches that produce the same lack of results.

2014-07-31 8:52 AM

In Ephesians 4:6 Paul says that even our faith (or belief) is a gift from God. The only way humans can be lost is by rejecting the gift.

2014-07-30 9:49 PM

'The very role of the Laodicean church is at stake in all of this.' 'You can't on the one hand say the SDA Church is the Laodicean Church, and then on the other hand wonder why people don't just leave it.' I think both of...

2014-07-30 2:44 PM

Thankfulness to God, for the love and joy we receive from our spouses, for a season. All of us die, some in their youth, some at every stage of life. My wife of sixty five years, has been a physically active person forever, we ran,alone, and...

2014-07-30 2:47 AM

I had to chuckle when I read that the SDARM stand for pacificism.  I have a "friend" who is a member of one of their tiny churches in Australia.  Their congregations are dominated by eastern europeans.  He has expressed a...

2014-07-29 8:58 PM

The One Project is always on the top list of “JESUS? YES. HIS TRUTH? NO” bandit clubs list. SDAs outside USA, Core Adventists or GYC that first complained about The One Project? This is a big NO NO. Don't start any defamation,...



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